Spanish Tour

Elite Massage Therapy – – completed 2 months in Spain, where we supported many people especially those doing the camino de santiago.

It was clear that people need to look after their mind and bodies while working on bigger projects like these pilgrimages.

We made some great connections and look forward to expanding in Spain and around the world in due course.

Amy is now back in London until December before returning to Australia, and keen to meet with people who want to experience Elite Massage Therapy, and also who want to be trained in advanced techniques and learn how to work in partnership with us.

Back in London and New Website

I am excited to be back in London, after my time in Australia, and to be sharing my new website with the world.

Having learnt new skills and been mastering them through teaching in Australia and now in the UK, I’m sure regular clients and new clients will be very happy and more relaxed than ever.